Europe Predictive Vehicle Technology Market Forecast to 2027 – COVID-19 Impact and Analysis by Hardware, Vehicle Type, Application, and Country

Elroy Mariano

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New York, Sep 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) —
New York, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — announces the release of the report “Europe Predictive Vehicle Technology Market Forecast to 2027 – COVID-19 Impact and Analysis by Hardware, Vehicle Type, Application, and Country” –
AI has its applications in the automotive industry, such as self-driving cars.

AI offers driver-assist and fully autonomous mode functionality to the users.Companies such as Google and Tesla are looking forward to take advantage of stated functionalities.

For instance, Tesla has gained a name in the electric car market, and now the company is looking ahead to make a position in self-driving vehicles by integrating AI, which is further driving the demand for predictive vehicle technology market.The adaptation of predictive powertrain control technology in heavy vehicles is among the other

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New Opportunities To Engage Older Consumers In Online Grocery Shopping

Elroy Mariano

Director of Marketing at VOLTN, overseeing budgeting, planning, development, and implementation of all marketing strategies of the agency. 

I never thought before Covid-19 that my 75-year-old neighbor knew how to turn on a computer, let alone shop online. It surprised me that she does! After receiving a friend request, I soon learned she spends much of her time trolling on social media like many of us do, liking and sharing posts, and even tagging friends.

My delightful neighbor shops her favorite brands just like the young folks do, and for the past few months, she has relished in the fact that she can have her groceries delivered to her door. 

If you ask me, one of the most important lessons that 2020 has taught us so far is that all ages, including the baby boomer generation, are embracing technology. But for so long, it seemed we had counted

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Watch live today! Blue Origin launching New Shepard suborbital space

Elroy Mariano

A Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft will launch on a suborbital flight today (Sept. 24) and you can watch it live here. Liftoff is set for 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT) from Blue Origin’s West Texas test site. 

a plane flying over a body of water: Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket booster approaches landing after successfully launching the company's eleventh mission, NS-11, from West Texas on May 2, 2019.

© Provided by Space
Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket booster approaches landing after successfully launching the company’s eleventh mission, NS-11, from West Texas on May 2, 2019.

This will be the 13th New Shepard flight for Blue Origin and the seventh flight for this specific space capsule and rocket. Blue Origin’s New Shepard is a reusable space capsule and booster designed to carry passengers on trips to suborbital space and back. Its booster returns to Earth to make a vertical landing while the capsule descends under parachutes for a land landing. 


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On this mission, called NG-13, New Shepard will carry 12 commercial payloads. Among them is the Deorbit, Descent, and

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The Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa Turns Your Tub Into a Whirlpool

Elroy Mariano

One of the best things you can do to unwind on vacation is fill the fancy hotel bathtub with warm water, turn on the jets, and soak your bod as you look out the window at the Swedish Alps (yes, I’m daydreaming). Sure, you could take a bath in your—let’s call it what it is—tub… but it’s not quite the same. The next best thing, though? Get yourself this Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa ($50) for a bubbly whirlpool experience in your home tub.

While bath extras like essential oils, CBD, bubbles, and candles can make your soaking sesh pleasant, it’s the whirlpool jets that really make you feel like you’re soaking in luxury. The Jet Bath Spa hangs over the edge of your tub, and the dual jet attachment works underneath the water to bubble your bath into a full-on whirlpool. It’s incredibly simple to set up (like, it’ll

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How To Build Distributed Teams

Elroy Mariano

Co-Founder and CEO of LumApps, leading digital workplace communications solution for the enterprise.

The year 2020 has ushered in many changes not only within our own homes and communities, but also across the world.

In a post-Covid-19 environment, companies can look far beyond the physical borders of their headquarters. Today, a company may need to conduct global searches to find the most diverse and qualified talent for new and expanding positions. At LumApps, we have offices across the globe, so we know firsthand the importance of building distributed teams.

A shift to remote work and work from home has happened at a faster rate than ever before. For example, of Nationwide employees, 98% were working from home in May 2020. Many businesses are following suit. Mondelez, Morgan Stanley, Google and other leading companies are also embracing a digital model and allowing or considering allowing their teams to work

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Realfiction announces publication of patent application and International Preliminary Report on Patentability for its ECHO display technology

Elroy Mariano

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Realfiction Holding AB (“Realfiction”) announces that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has today published Realfiction’s ECHO patent application and WIPO’s report on its patentability. The report reaffirms Realfiction’s statement in its 2 July 2020 press release that no prior technique that puts the novelty of the invention into question has been found. Additional clarification was recently provided to WIPO to allow them to fully understand the inventive step behind the ECHO technology.

As usually is the case when examining patent applications for novel and complex inventions, WIPO has requested that Realfiction provides guidance to clarify the so called “inventive step” of the technology. Realfiction and its patent attorney at Budde Schou has done so by providing a “Demand” (reply) to WIPO, and through the filing of 6 additional patent applications for ECHO that describe the invention in more detail. The Demand is

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2020 MG Gloster review, test drive

Elroy Mariano

The MG Gloster is a big, three-row, body-on-frame SUV borrowed from MG’s sister brand Maxus.  Owned by the same parent SAIC,  the Gloster is essentially the Maxus D90 in China and the LDV D90 in Australia. It’s been rebranded for India and sold as the flagship of the Morris Garages (MG) range, with a suitably British-sounding name – Gloster. 

The Gloster made its India debut in February 2020 at the Auto Expo and one thing was immediately clear – this was a bigger vehicle than the other three-row, body-on-frame, premium SUVs on sale in India, namely the Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner and the Mahindra Alturas G4

More details about the SUV trickled out over the next few months, notably a long features list that included ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) thus far seen only on a handful of all-out luxury vehicles, giving some credence to the SUV’s positioning. Read More

The $60 Desk Gadget Kim Kardashian Uses to Look Good On Zoom Calls

Elroy Mariano

As we usher in a new season this month, one thing is clear: Remote work is here to stay. Our focus is shifting from temporary adaptations (we’re looking at you, dining table–turned–office) to long-term ones. Yes, it’s time to buy that standing desk and, according to Kim Kardashian West, invest in good video call lighting. This week the reality star shared her setup on Instagram and called out the “best lighting for my Zoom sessions” as L3’s ZoomLite. 

In the midst of product launches and the announcement that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is ending, West has also been studying to become a lawyer. And we all know how seriously she takes her reflection. So if she says the ZoomLite reigns supreme, we believe her.

The $60 gadget clips on to the top of your computer screen for “professional Hollywood lighting” and takes up zero desk space. It offers

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6 Can’t-Miss Virtual Houston Food Events to Try in Your Own Home

Elroy Mariano

Now that most people are staying at home as much as possible, virtual events are taking up more and more time on the calendar. Everyone’s using Zoom for both work and play, and Houston restaurants are no exception.

a plate of food with a slice of pizza on a table: DIY pizza kits from the Union Kitchen are perfect for date night at home

© Kirsten Gilliam
DIY pizza kits from the Union Kitchen are perfect for date night at home

Even though dining rooms are fraught spaces right now, with limited capacities and a vibe that’s decidedly different than pre-pandemic, virtual dinners and cooking classes are the new norm in connecting over a plate of really great food. . For those who are not yet comfortable with dining out and who have grown blasé of take out, virtual dining is a festive way for Houston restaurant enthusiasts to support their favorite establishments while staying safe.

From heaping plates of pasta paired with a full-bodied Barolo via a virtual wine dinner or cooking classes helmed by

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Online learning cannot just be for those who can afford its technology

Elroy Mariano

A university student conducts open-air classes in a slum for underprivileged students

A university student teaches an open-air class for secondary-school students in Delhi. As schools move to teaching online, many students are left out because they lack access to laptops and broadband.Credit: Amarjeet Kumar Singh/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Every day, hundreds of millions of students, teachers and support staff, are participating in a learning revolution: the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the centuries-old tradition that students travelled to a physical institution to learn. Now, in many places, school and university classrooms are on laptops and smartphone screens, and the Internet has replaced physical books.

It’s been an extraordinary — and extraordinarily fast — transition, affecting everyone from the youngest children entering school right up to young adults in universities. Researchers are starting to study its full impact and its implications — for students, for staff and for the organizations that create and supply educational-technology platforms.

Tertiary education has been venturing into online education

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