Day: June 28, 2020

Top 19 Internet Providers in Downey, CA

Downey Residential Internet Coverage

Just southeast of Los Angeles, the city of Downey offers metropolitan conveniences and suburban comfort. Over 114,000 people call this city home, leading to a significant demand for internet service.

Throughout much of eastern Downey, you can access fiber internet through Frontier FiOS. The Frontier FiOS service area begins east of Bluff Road, extending well beyond the eastern city limits of Downey. Service is available in a handful of western neighborhoods.

DSL service is also provided by Frontier Communications. The DSL network is very well developed, reaching almost all of Downey. Service stops short of the neighborhoods in the far northwest and southwest.

Another widespread service provider in Downey is AT&T, which covers all of western Downey in its service area. The coverage area stops east of Bluff Road in most areas, although there is some coverage in the southern parts of Downey.

Through Time Warner

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