How to make the UAE’s deal with Israel truly historic

Elroy Mariano

The dramatic and welcome decision by the United Arab Emirates to normalise relations with Israel is indisputably a win for both countries and for the Trump administration, which helped broker the deal.

There’s an even bigger victory to be had, though, if all sides seize this opportunity to promote real peace in the region.

The three parties involved will be tempted to bask in this moment. Though Israel’s informal ties with the UAE have been strong for years and the deal merely brings them into the open, it’s nevertheless a breakthrough: proof, especially if others such as Bahrain and Oman follow the UAE’s lead, that Israel can establish relations with Arab countries before a final settlement with the Palestinians.

Beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will gratefully accept the reprieve from his political difficulties. So will U.S. President Donald Trump, who is eager to showcase some evidence of his dealmaking

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Shop student accessories at a discount during Dell’s back-to-school sale

Elroy Mariano

Dell’s back-to-school sale is now live, and along with an extra 10% off PCs and electronics, there’s a large selection of accessories now on sale as well. These items are perfect for students whether they’re going back to class or going to virtual school instead, from some of Dell’s best computer mice to UltraSharp monitors, wireless keyboards, backpacks, and more. Dell offers free shipping with the purchase of any item in the sale.

You’ll find that the items in the student accessories section on Dell’s website are already discounted, though you can save an additional 10% on Dell electronics. Just use promo code SAVE10 during checkout to snag the extra savings.

Dell Discounts

Dell student accessory deals

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Dell’s back-to-school savings event is offering new discounts on a selection of handy accessories, from wireless keyboards and computer mice to backpacks and Dell monitors.

Limited Time Only

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The pandemic is putting a strain on Internet speeds. Here’s what you can do for the best connection

Elroy Mariano

CHICAGO: Nothing kills work-from-home motivation like slow Internet. It’s an issue some are facing for the first time as the Covid-19 pandemic sent them out of the office and into remote workspaces at home.

With many school districts opting for some degree of e-learning, a torrent of video calls and downloads from multiple family members could test the mettle of even the hardiest Internet connections. And for families with limited income, it can seem like high-speed Internet is out of reach financially.

For those looking for ways to improve their connection or get their homes hooked up for the first time, here’s some advice.

Make sure your router is in the right place

Jack Segal, regional vice president of communications at Comcast, said your router’s effectiveness relies on where it is in the home. Keeping the router in an open, central location can offer the best coverage so you don’t

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