How to Select an E-commerce Web Design Company to Build a Website for Your Business | Small Business

Elroy Mariano

Your business’s Web presence is critical to its success. The Internet has become a central location for potential customers to discover new businesses and read about the experiences of others; having a solid Web presence can be a big factor in keeping yourself ahead of competitors. Choosing a Web design company to build your site is not an easy task, but will have a massive impact on your company’s fortunes.

E-commerce Expertise

There is a big difference between a company website and an e-commerce website. While a regular site gives customers vital information about your business, an e-commerce site allows those customers to conduct business with you via the Web by making purchases or sending orders. Because the e-commerce portion of the site serves such an important purpose, it’s vital to seek design companies with e-commerce expertise. Look for developers with established histories of building functional, intuitive and secure e-commerce

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Luxury Hair Tool Brand Disrupts Beauty Industry With First-Of-Its-Kind Technology

Elroy Mariano

T3 Launches HeatID Technology which personalizes heat to the user’s unique hair profile, for more style and less damage.

VENICE, Calif., Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — T3, a leading Los Angeles-based developer and marketer of luxury hair tools, unveiled its newest innovation in beauty technology today —T3 HeatID Technology. This smart personalization technology, found in the new T3 Curl ID 1.25″ Curling Iron and the T3 Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron, streamlines heat selection by determining the optimal styling temperature for the user’s hair type. The intelligent technology uses an algorithm that considers key parameters, such as hair texture, length, color treatment and chemical treatment, and provides consumers with their ideal styling heat for smooth, shiny, results that last, while protecting their hair against unnecessary heat exposure.

T3 Curl ID 1.25″ Curling Iron

“At T3, we strive to continually solve core consumer styling challenges by engineering

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Stores of the Future 2020: How to Drive Footfall During and Post COVID-19

Elroy Mariano


The “Store of the Future 2020: How to Drive Footfall During and Post COVID-19” report has been added to’s offering.

COVID-19 has changed everything and it is fair to say that the tech industry has stepped up to the plate by and large when it comes to retail. On the other hand, a lot of the solutions described in this report have been around for some time – and now represent old wine in new bottles.

In the publisher’s view, the only real novelty and real innovation remain Amazon Go and its just walk out technology. That said, now many of the solutions are appearing in a new light due to changed circumstances brought upon by the outbreak of COVID-19. Whereas, for example, a self check out a solution with computer vision capabilities to add up the prices in real-time was mainly about eliminating costs,

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Speedtest data: PH internet speeds returning to pre-pandemic levels

Elroy Mariano

MANILA, Philippines — Slow internet speeds in the country which drew the ire of the common folk up to the President have seen gradual improvement since the lockdowns started, and are actually returning to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels.

According to data shared by Speedtest by Ookla on its website, internet speeds plummeted as the health crisis forced the government to implement a stay-at-home policy.

As an example, average download speeds for fixed broadband was at 30.77 megabits per second (Mbps) and for mobile data, at 16.68 Mbps last February 24.  But after the enhanced community quarantine was placed over Luzon and other areas, it dipped to 20.40 Mbps for fixed broadband and 13.95 for mobile data.

Download speeds for this year were at its lowest from March 30 to April 6, when fixed broadband speeds were just at 20.52 Mbps to 20.47 Mbps; and mobile data at 11.93 Mbps to 11.95

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New wireless charging tech lets you drop up to three gadgets anywhere on this pad to charge them at the same time

Elroy Mariano

If you’ve ever used a wireless charger, you know there’s exactly one place you can put your phone on it to work. Now, a new type of wireless charging technology is hitting the market and it’s more effortless than ever.

“People have generally not had a great experience with wireless charging,” explained Noah Dentzel, CEO and co-founder of Nomad. The company is known for its high-quality mobile accessories.

Recently, I visited Nomad’s headquarters in Santa Barbara to check out a new device called Base Station Pro.

Noah Dentzel, CEO and Co-founder of Nomad

“As you’d imagine, you just drop your phone down, and then it starts charging,” says Dentzel. The entire surface is a charge. Not only can you lay your phone anywhere, but it can charge up to three devices at once.

“What this is all about is assurance and reliability. Put it on there, you’re going to wake

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