3 Lucrative Coronavirus Testing Stocks to Buy Right Now

Elroy Mariano

As the pandemic grinds on, companies that make diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2 are working overtime to meet immense demand and invent superior products. Though there are several different types of coronavirus tests, and a handful of different business models that operate in the wider medical diagnostics space, there’s no single profile that describes a successful manufacturer of coronavirus assays.

Let’s take a look at three investment-ready testing companies that have flourished since the start of the pandemic.

A gloved healthcare provider prepares a nasal swab for a patient wearing a mask.

Image source: Getty Images.

Quest Diagnostics

The venerable Quest Diagnostics (NYSE:DGX) manufactures and develops swab tests for active coronavirus infections, blood-based antibody assays, and a cornucopia of other medical assays. As with several of its peers, the company’s stock has cooled from its highs in early August. But Quest has a large market share in testing that it doesn’t need to fight to maintain, and the stock’s recent retreat doesn’t change that. For

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Enabling Fast and Efficient Force Measurement Product Verification On-Demand, Interface Announces New Force Verification Frame | News

Elroy Mariano

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Providing customers with a quick and easy way to conduct load cell verification in real-time, Interface today announced the launch of its new Interface Force Verification Frame.

The new Interface load frame is lightweight and can be customized with multiple adapters to fit a wide range of different load cells. It is being sold in three different models based on the capacity needs of the user; the IFVF-1K provides a capacity of 1,000 lbf, the IFVF-2.5K provides a capacity of 2,500 lbf and the IFVF-5K provides a capacity of 5,000 lbf. A demonstration of the verification process is available on Interface’s YouTube page here.

“Our customers need an easy-to-use test and measurement hardware apparatus that allows them to verify the accuracy and provide a quick check-up of their load cells fast, anywhere and at any time,” said Ted Larson, vice president,

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Black Daisy Shop | ksdk.com

Elroy Mariano

She makes silhouettes of kids and pets.

KIRKWOOD, Mo. — Christine Kleckner of Kirkwood is the owner of the Black Daisy Shop. She makes silhouettes of kids and pets. She got the idea when making Christmas gifts.

She said, “I was just fiddling around with my computer and trying to design something for my son’s grandparents for Christmas. And I was like, I think I can make a silhouette of him. I know we had some done when were little, so I think his grandparents would appreciate that.”

After that, she made silhouettes of her dog and cat and horses. From there, word of her art spread to parents and pet parents alike.

She said, “People were seeing pictures of them, and they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, we had those done when we were kids. That would be a great idea for my parents,’ so it started from

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