Send Web Push Notifications That Help You Make More Sales

Elroy Mariano

There are over 1.72 billion websites on the world wide web as of October 2019.

Did your jaw just hit the floor?

That’s a staggering amount of competition for web traffic.

Driving web traffic is hard enough. But when you consider returning website visitors converted more than 73% more than first time visitors, it can feel even more overwhelming.

How on earth can you convince people to visit your website twice?

With a tool like web push notifications, you increase your chances of driving visitors back to your site. Simply offer visitors the chance to opt-in to receive updates from you with little effort.

Want to make web push notifications a part of your marketing strategy? Read on to learn how to create push notifications that make it easy to drive traffic back to your website and make more sales.

Why web push notifications enhance your marketing strategy

Web push

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Automated grocery technology getting boost in pandemic

Elroy Mariano

The major boom of online grocery ordering shows no signs of slowing down. More than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, industry experts say the new convenience of ordering groceries through an app is here to stay.

“In fact, it’s been a huge acceleration. All of our clients that we serve, and we serve some of the biggest supermarkets in North America and the world, they picked up three times the volume that they were doing before this pandemic. And, in fact, more of them didn’t picked up more volume because they couldn’t just fulfill enough orders at a time,” said Max Pedro, the co-founder and president of Takeoff Technologies.

Takeoff Technologies creates automated grocery fulfillment software for some of the biggest grocery chains in the country, including Albertsons, Safeway and Shoprite. The technology requires supermarkets to build a 10,000-square-foot warehouse directly behind their store.

When a shopper places an

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Springfield computer repair shop sees demand for laptops amid pandemic

Elroy Mariano

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The COVID-19 pandemic has more people working and even learning virtually these days, leaving computer shops busier than ever.

a desktop computer sitting on top of a book shelf: KY3

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“People were desperate to find any machine they could use to work from home,” said Computer Hospital technician, Memphis Grizzard.


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Computer Hospital is busy with sales and even rebooting old computers. Grizzard said they can barely keep computers in stock.

”That’s where we’ve really ramped up. Older machines that people were no longer using but now they need them,” said Grizzard. ”Supply and demand definitely changed. We were selling out of everything. It’s hard to keep stuff now.”

His shop mainly focuses on repairs, but it does sell reused computers.

“I have way more people who are looking to buy a computers than looking to sell one,” said Grizzard.

He said business has been busier lately too with

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Canada’s speed skaters point to NHL bubble success in search for new training hub

Elroy Mariano

Ever the realist, Heather McLean flew home to Canada from the Netherlands in early March and quarantined herself for 14 days, even though it was not yet a requirement to do so.

After witnessing the spikes of COVID-19 first-hand in Europe, McLean realized the gravity of the situation and accepted she might not race again until the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

So, while she wants to compete this year – perhaps in the “hub” that the International Skating Union is exploring in the Netherlands —  the Winnipeg product is ready to roll with the unexpected.

Such is life in the midst of a global pandemic.

“I trust the ISU and our federation in Canada will take all the safety precautions and make the best decisions for us,” says McLean, one of this country’s top sprinters. “So, if they do decide to go through with it, I’m definitely all for

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This Small Gadget Safely Stores a Face Mask in Your Car

Elroy Mariano

We live difficult times, there’s no doubt about it, and in the last six months or so, each and every one of us just had to adapt to a completely different lifestyle that changed pretty much everything we do.

Including our relationship with cars, that is, as for some reason, face masks have become the new car air freshener because way too many drivers believe just hanging them to the mirror is okay.

As a side note, it really isn’t, especially because face masks should be stored in safe places where they can’t be exposed to any kinds of contaminants or even worse, where they can spread any potential virus that’s already attached to its filters.

This is a problem that a new device called Car Case4Mask wants to resolve, as it proposes a new approach to safely store a mask inside a car.

More specifically, this is a case

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